Bullying: It’s Time to Stop

Many people have varying definitions of bullying; I know some people who think that if someone disagrees with you, they're bullying you. While I don't think that's really bullying, I think that we can all agree that if it hurts someone's feelings, you probably shouldn't do it. I don't mean you should give up burgers … Continue reading Bullying: It’s Time to Stop

People are Mirrors

We’re always so quick to see the monsters lurking in everyone else around us, never realizing that what we see is a reflection of ourselves. As human beings, we're very quick to judge; who isn't? In fact, studies have shown that judgments are made in the first seven seconds of seeing/talking to someone. That's a very small … Continue reading People are Mirrors

You Have Ears–It’s Time to Start Listening

There's a big difference between actually listening and just hearing. You can hear your friend talking to you about something hard that's going on their life, without actually listening to what they're saying and being there for them. It's nice to give your friend advice, sure. But sometimes they don't want that. Sometimes they just want you to listen … Continue reading You Have Ears–It’s Time to Start Listening

It’s Time to Change your Mindset

New Year, new you...right? Well, that's probably what you want. But I'm sorry to have to tell you that it's not going to happen unless something else changes first. And that's your mindset. mindset ˈmīn(d)set/ noun 1.the established set of attitudes held by someone. You can try to make lifestyle changes, but they're not going to stick … Continue reading It’s Time to Change your Mindset

Why You Should Keep a Journal

If you're anything like me and you have a ton of nosey siblings (or friends), journaling isn't your favorite past time. But now that I'm older, I've started just writing stuff down in a notebook--anything from what happened today to stories and recipes. Or sometimes I just sketch. There are a lot of benefits to … Continue reading Why You Should Keep a Journal